Atlantic Poetry of Freedom Launched on Friday


Laura sings medieval love verses on the bases of and in Santiago de Compostela it rains Wake up the wet stone of the city that saw this musical project transform and grow, similar to the poetic emotion that sprouts when a song by Martín Codax poem by Castro or a verse is watered with hip hop and electronics.

Laura and Pedro (Os 1995) multiply their performances this rare summer and hurry what will be their first album at the end of the year while discovering an audience sensitive to their proposal, from those who come to see them with the flow from home to excited grandparents at this greening Galician tradition.

One would say, with Pessoa that the duo “has in itself all the dreams in the world and when Laura throws those lines from on beatnik rap it seems that, indeed, everything is possible.

The singer admits that in this learning of the ways of doing, composing, singing or saying together with Pico there is novelty and satisfaction: Luckily there is everything to learn good times await us

Before starting down this path, Laura Monta took several detours and explored other sources, relying on what today, when she tells it, seems like a whole matriarchal genealogy of free and healing women who were giving her looks. Her mother and sister, to be creative since childhood, to try everything.

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